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Foot skeleton elastic
Foot Skeleton w/Portion of Tibia and Fibula strung w/Elastic ..
US $85.50 US $72.00
Hand w/lower arm elastic
Hand Skeleton w/Radius & Ulna strung w/Elastic Cord ..
US $85.50 US $72.00
Human skull w/removable Teeth
Human Skull with removable Teeth ..
US $155.00 US $115.99
Mini skeleton
Mini Skeleton with Stand. Upper and Lower extremities removable as well as skull. 3 Part Skull Mini ..
US $99.00 US $95.00
Mini spine with Femur Head
Mini Spine with Hanging Type Stand.. SIZE 16 Inches. FEATURES: Nerve branches, and moveable femur he..
US $58.90 US $39.99
Spine flexible with stand
Spine Flexible with Stand ..
US $215.00 US $179.99
Standard skeleton
Our most popular plastic, articulated adult skeleton used for teaching and demonstration purposes. T..
US $575.00 US $499.99
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